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Gardom Lake is an ideal location for winter activities, our all season facilities allow for groups of many sizes to enjoy themselves on a year round basis.

Our programs are focused on helping youth develop new skills, and providing safe space to explore and grow. Winter activities capitalize on the season and provide an excellent experience for kids.

Winter Programing Options

  • Broomball

    Fun winter game played with sticks and a ball
  • Gym Games

    Gardom Lakes gym is fully equipped with sports equipment, in addition to this our staff have a large amount of games that are ideal for use in the gym and good for mixing up large groups and fun for everyone.
  • Fire Building

    Fires are great any time of year, but especially in the winter time. Gardom provides all materials and the teaching. Youth can learn how to start a fire with flint and steel as well as some fire science, and most importantly also get to enjoy roasting some marshmallows and warming up.
  • Outside Wide Games

    We have lots of games that are fantastic for playing outside with kids any time of year.
  • Sauna

    Gardom Lake has a sauna that is lots of fun for kids, and is very safe. Warm up, jump in the snow, and then warm up again.
  • Co-operative Challenges

    Our team building challenges and equipment give kids the opportunity to work on lots of different skills including leadership, communication, interpersonal skills, problem solving, and of course teamwork.
  • Sport Orienteering

    We teach the basics on how to read and navigate a map and then we send the kids out to learn first hand how it works on our orienteering course.
  • Snowshoeing, or hiking

    Gardom Lake is full of hiking trails as well as the lake (provided it is frozen) that provide good space for hiking or snowshoeing. Gardom Lake has a large assortment of snowshoes that fit lots of different sizes.
  • Indoor Games Room (board games, table games)

    We have a games room that is great for relaxed down time, or we can run games in this room for an activity that gets kids out of the winter weather.
Our winter program is customizable, let us know what outcomes you are trying to achieve and how we can build a schedule that meets your needs.

Winter Facilities

Gardom Lakes Lodge, cottages, and Gym are available for rental groups. Gardom Lake can accommodate sleeping and eating space for 130 people in the winter season.


Open year round our lodge is the heart of our camp. The lodge contains our kitchen, dining hall, meeting spaces, games room, and sleeping accommodations. The lodge is an ideal space because it offers year-round versatility and large space for group activities and meetings and is a cozy space with our two wood stoves. Located in front of the lodge is parking space as well as our large covered seating area that is a great outdoor activity space. The Lodge can sleep 53 people.


We have four duplex cottages, each cottage can sleep 10 people and has a washroom, shower, heat, and a covered deck. Cottages can sleep a total of 80 people. Cottages are a short walk from our Lodge, and are available year-round.


Our gymnasium is heated and is full of equipment including, two volleyball nets (adjustable), hockey nets, hockey gear, dodgeballs and assorted other sports equipment such as basketballs.


Gardom Lake Camp is just off highway 97b making it accessible year-round, and contains lots of space for winter activities with access to Gardom Lake, and campfire spots for large or small groups.